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Our greatest resource is the music. This annotated repertoire list is searchable by type of technique used, specific instrument, compser and year of compostition. This is intended as a guide and resource and also as a living catalogue. We encourage new submissions to the list. Many thanks to Helen Bledsoe who has passed on her list to us to continue its growth.


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Database Key:


Dif= Difficulty (I-IV)

PZ= Pizzicato (lip/tongue)

TR= Tongue Ram

WT= Whistle Tones

H= Harmonics

A= Aeolian/air sounds

JW= Jet Whistle

KC= Key Clicks

FT= Flutter Tongue

M= Multiphonics

P/G= Glissando/Pitch Bend

SP= Singing & Playing, use of voice

TPT= Trumpet Embouchure

B= Bisbigliando

CB= Circular Breathing

MT= Microtones

BB= Beatbox

Level Key:

I (Easy) Moderate tempo(s), straightforward rhythms (or rhythms completely free), mainly diatonic. All extended techniques, 1/4 or microtones are slow, so there is time to set them up.


II (Medium) Faster tempos, but the really rapid passages are diatonic/chromatic (no difficult microtonal passages), may include the more unusual time signatures.


III (Difficult) Includes rapid passages that may have some micro- or 1/4 tones, difficult multiphonics or other extended techniques, complex rhythms, may use 4th octave notes above high D.


IV (Very Difficult) May include rapid micro- or 1/4 tone passages, high degree of rhythmic complexity, extremes of range (may include extended passages above high D), difficult multiphonics, rapid changes from one extended technique to another, and a general high level of energy. These pieces should be real tests of endurance. 


*SF indicates a piece which can be played on a student flute (closed-hole with C-foot).


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