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Sonic Immersion

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I am BEYOND excited to say that I took part in the wonderful learning experience in FluteXpansions Sonic Immersion! It was extremely beneficial for my growth as a flutist. I learned so much. This is an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Aliesha Phillips
MM student Berklee College of Music


I got the encouragement and support I needed to start believing more truly in my abilities to compose my own music! I now feel I can compose, I can play, I can create an environment in which I want to exist as a flutist. I can better navigate in the modern art music field. This is a program for flutists who want to develop in their own way and  explore their own path. I always felt very well treated. I really deeply appreciated how the faculty was looking at and talking to us participants as equals.

Josefine Persson.jpg

Josefine Persson, Sweden
Flutist, teacher, composer

Susan Geaney, Ireland
Improviser, composer, flutist

I’ve loved playing contemporary music for a long time, but I’ve often felt as young musicians we’re sort of nudged in the direction of just playing old music, or even winning an orchestral job is the way we know we’ve “made it” - not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s your thing, but I never really felt like I fit into that 100%.

At FXSI, seeing other people who are very successful doing things similar to what I want to be doing, receiving feedback and encouragement with projects I’m already creating, and learning so much more to build on those was extremely validating. It was such a rewarding experience both creatively and personally, and I realized that I *can* be successful in my preferred career path…and there is a place where I fit in. FINALLY.

Shannon Lewis.png

Shannon Lewis, Canada
flutist, composer, artist

Nandin Baker.jpeg

Nandin Baker, Germany
Flutist, Founder Meditative Music Making

What FluteXpansions offered was way more than just extended flute techniques – It was a way back to myself – finding the joy in composing, creating and making sounds with others who were also eager to do the same. It was the inspiration to be creative again!  


I now have more trust in my creative process, and this was the vote of confidence I needed to forge ahead and plan a course to share my meditative flute experience with the world as well as to try out new compositional techniques. 


FXSI was an absolutely fantastic trip to the frontiers of what is possible, pushing the limits in a friendly and constructive way.  I am totally excited about reawakening my passion for composing and for passing on all the experience I've collected thus far in my life. You have widened and enriched my life!


I have to thank you for believing in me and providing me with this wonderful course.  I am motivated and renewed for my future projects. This course is unique. It provides a healthy environment for discussions about flute and its expressive possibilities.  Everyone is treated like an artist and supported.  I have never participated in a course like this, which values ​​the sharing of creative ideas. I really felt I could take risks, and the fear of making mistakes gave way to freedom and courage. Thank you very much! 

Rodrigo Frade, Brazil
flutist, composer, PhD

Renata Kambarova, Uzbekistan/Belgium
flutist, composer, PhD student

Dustin White.jpeg

Dustin White
2021, 2022 FXSI Program Assistant
MM West Virginia University

Sonic Immersion was so much more than I thought it would be! The community fostered was so supportive and I learned SO much! One thing that makes this program special is how my whole personhood was addressed and not just my flute playing skills. Communicating with so many experimental flutists was incredibly validating to me as an artist.


The faculty were all generous, welcoming, and brilliant. I made incredible progress on my pieces in just a couple lessons, and I got to connect and work on exciting creative projects with flutists from around the globe and was introduced to new and cutting edge performance practices and technology. I've already told several friends to attend next time as I've never participated in a music program quite like this!

One of my revelations that I had while at music school was I love creating music for myself and doing the pieces I love and want to do. At the course I never felt like I was performing to an audience or had to play something in the "standard contemporary canon." I was able to bring whatever I wanted and work on the pieces for me. I was able to experiment (composition and improv) at this course while also cultivating the things I love to do: research and music I feel drawn to.


It really was a flute course that was more than flute, and I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of experiences/mini-courses that were offered. It was an incredibly stacked faculty and I wish that I was able to have a private session with each of them. They were all delightful and each brought a different and unique perspective. I would definitely do it again.

Jacob LaBarge.JPG

Jacob LaBarge
BM West Virginia University
flutist, reseracher


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