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This is designed as an interactive space, easily accessible to everyone on computer or mobile devices.  You may interact with it at whatever level you wish. 


1) Click on the Videos tab above, choose your technique to watch and listen

All basic technique videos and explanations on the C-flute are available with no subscription in both English and German. (Portuguese and Spanish coming soon...)


2) Go deeper by selecting more information or the auxiliary instruments for more explanation and production tips. 

You will be prompted to become a member when you go deeper. Free membership allows access to the Repertoire List, auxiliary instrument videos, and more detailed information. As content is added and becomes available, you will be notified right away. 


Lessons & Events: Webinars, and Online lessons available! Email us for more info.

About FluteXpansions:

FluteXpansions is an online laboratory for performers and composers to learn and explore sounds of the contemporary flute. There are videos for each of the extended techniques, and as the site grows, it will feature repertoire tutorials, production advice, notation suggestions, exercises for mastery, and in depth instructional videos of core contemporary repertoire.


The idea grew from an observation that there existed no centralized place for in-depth discussion of  how to produce and practice the techniques for artistic mastery or use the techniques in compositions...and certainly not an online forum easily accessible on mobile devices with thorough videos.


Composers: Critical to the continual evolution of contemporary flute music are composers. It is our hope that, in addition to being a space for dialogue, this site will become an invaluable resource to composers as they search for novel ways to use flute(s) in their pieces. Composers are welcome to add their pieces to the Repertoire List.


Repertoire List: Graded by levels of difficulty, the annotated Repertoire List is meant as a crowd-sourced tool for performers and composers to find pieces for performance or study. Submissions will be reviewed and added to the list regularly. With more and more composers self-publishing, this is an important tool for making widely available works which otherwise might not be discovered. Many thanks to Helen Bledsoe who has passed on her list to us to continue its growth.


This site will be a living resource, constantly growing with new content from the musical community at large.


FluteXpansions has been created  in collaboration with the generous support of the Zurich University of the Arts.


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