• Helen Bledsoe: Blog with articles for performers and composers

  • Robert Dick: Many books, videos, and compositions for contemporary flute

  • Camilla Hoitenga: Articles and instructional guidance on Kaija Saariaho's flute music 

  • Carla Rees: Rarescale Ensemble/Academy and Kingma System Alto and Bass flute practical guides for composers and performers

  • Tetractys Publishing: Publishing music for bass and alto flutes with quarter tone systems

  • Flouble: Complete collection of multiphonics recorded by flutist Gergely Ittzés

  • Eva Kingma: Flutemaker/developer of quarter-tone system flutes, alto-, bass-, contrabass-, and subcontrabass flutes

  • Levit Flutes: Flutemaker, Kingma system

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