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Thank you for visiting the premier e-learning resource for performers and composers to learn and explore sounds of the contemporary flute.


The videos and production tips form the starting point of our resource, but a community of learning and growth is key to the mission of FluteXpansions...


Are you looking for a quick overview of a specific eXpanded technique?

  • Click on the Videos tab above to watch and listen to any technique

All basic technique videos and explanations on the C-flute are available!


Are you searching for guidance on how to produce a technique?

OR are you curious to hear what they sound like on piccolo, alto or bass flute?

  • Go deeper by selecting more information or the auxiliary instruments for more explanation and production tips ​​

Looking for a community to talk about sound, exchange ideas and receive inspiration? (Or would you like to participate in free events?!)

  • Private Group: Community and collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We invite everyone to join the conversation in our Private Group. Free events are held here, too!


How can we help you reach your artistic dreams?

  • Lessons & Events: Workshops and Online lessons available! Email us for more info.

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